Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: Freedom's Child by Jax Miller

Title: Freedom's Child
Author: Jax Miller
Publication Date:  June 2nd, 2015
Publisher: Crown
Source: Through BloggingForBooks
Where to find: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository
Summary: Freedom Oliver has plenty of secrets. She lives in a small Oregon town and keeps mostly to herself. Her few friends and neighbors know she works at the local biker bar; they know she gets arrested for public drunkenness almost every night; they know she’s brash, funny, and fearless.

What they don’t know is that Freedom Oliver is a fake name. They don’t know that she was arrested for killing her husband, a cop, twenty years ago. They don’t know she put her two kids up for adoption. They don’t know that she’s now in witness protection, regretting ever making a deal with the Feds, and missing her children with a heartache so strong it makes her ill.

Then, she learns that her daughter has gone missing, possibly kidnapped. Determined to find out what happened, Freedom slips free of her handlers, gets on a motorcycle, and heads for Kentucky, where her daughter was raised. As she ventures out on her own, no longer protected by the government, her troubled past comes roaring back at her: her husband’s vengeful, sadistic family; her brief, terrifying stint in prison; and the family she chose to adopt her kids who are keeping dangerous secrets.

Written with a ferocious wit and a breakneck pace, Freedom’s Child is a thrilling, emotional portrait of a woman who risks everything to make amends for a past that haunts her still.
After reading the summary for this book I was really excited about it, but I honestly was unable to finish the book. It was way darker than I felt it needed to be and it struck bad cords with me.

I was looking forward to a book about survival and preserving in the face of adversity and doing whatever you could for your family. But this book did not appear to have this in terms of what I initially was looking for. It seemed to be filled with unnecessary gore and cruelty.

I only got about a third of the way through this before I had to put it down. I just was not enjoying the story and did not care enough about the characters to finish the book. I think this book has the potential for people who are prepared for just how dark the book is. I just was not one of those people and it did not live up to my expectations.

*I received a copy of this book through BloggingForBooks in exchange for an honest review*

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