Monday, September 15, 2014

Out-Of-This-World Teen Novels by Various Authors

As for the bundle itself, even though I haven't read the whole thing, I really love the variety it contains. As it is titled, each book focuses on different "other-worldly" characters.

In Between by Tara Fuller Review: This is one of those boy meets girl, falls in love, they are separated, and then the meet again books. This has a twist though, Finn is a soul whose job is to bring souls to the inbetween.

Emma by all conventions is a girl traumatized by an accident that left her fatherless. To everyone else she is imagining the people following her, the weird messages, plus she is having strange dreams. But what is happening to her is real. There is a vengeful soul, Maeve, who is out to get her.

While this story contains the same plot as a typical YA fantasy book, there are many aspects that where different and enjoyable. I really appreciated the way Emma reacted to Finn first revealing himself to her. She became paranoid and did not immediately believe him. I think a lot of books have this instant trust and connection between characters that is hard to believe. Fuller shies away from this by still having that connection but also have a layer of distrust to it.

I also really appreciate Cash. He is a loyal friend to Emma and does not see her perceived “illness” as an issue. He is always there for Emma and constantly getting her to open up to him and not bottle everything up.

The ended was happy as I expected it, but still with a twist. Overall, a pretty solid book. 

I received this bundle from Entangled Teen in return for a honest review. So far I have only read In Between by Tara Fuller

3.5/5 Stars

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