Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Haul #1

So I recently splurged a bit and got 7 new books. Three of which I have already read in eBook form, but decided to get them in hardback!

I have already read the first two in the Throne of Glass Series and the novellas by Sarah J. Maas. But I wanted to get them in nice hardbacks, plus they are gorgeous! Sarah J. Maas is definitely one of my favorite authors.

And I now finally can read Heir of Fire. Having to wait since it came out on the 2nd has been killing me. But the plan is to read it straight in one sitting as soon ans I'm done with this post!!

I mean just look at that cover, Celaena looks like a BAMF!

Next is Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. I have heard so much about Stephanie Perkins and the Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy/Companion Novels, that I finally decided to see what everyone is talking about. I'm looking forward to reading these since I don't read a lot of contemporary. 

And finally there is Winger by Andrew Smith. And let me just say this book is so beautiful, between the spine and the awesome cover, to the back cartoon. It is just amazing. Again, I have heard a lot of hype about this book, so I'm looking forward to read it.

And now I will get started on my reading!!!

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