Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I don’t know how to write a review about this book that is coherent and not just gushing. This book was perfect in so many ways. It encapsulated the idea of fandoms and the person who is the fangirl. Characters within the book were just like those encountered in real life. Both the fangirls and other people who don’t quite get it.

There are many people I meet in college who don’t understand what HP means to me and what it was like growing up with that story, both the actual books and the community and fandom around the series. That series has shaped my life in so many ways and Rainbow Rowell translated that feeling into Cath and her story.

This book is definitely for a very specific audience who can relate to Cath and can understand what she is going through. Throughout this book, I would read things Cath would say or do and see myself in Cath. I think that is why this book was so amazing to me. I saw myself in Cath and could really understand how going to college affected her.

I also really want to read Carry On now. Luckily it comes out in less than a year.

✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ stars

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