Thursday, December 11, 2014

They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire

This book was action packed from the beginning. Within the first chapter alone, Kenzie is almost killed in an accident. From there the list is released and you learn she is number 5. After that girls on the list start dying in freak accidents. It is Kenzie and Levi that start to piece together what is actually going on with he list and the deaths.

There was not a moment of this book that was dull or slow, it pulled you right in with the mystery. While the writing in this book wasn’t perfect and the characters at time were pretty one dimensional, the plot and mystery kept me hooked. However the main issue I had with this book was just how far-fetched it was. The book was insanely entertaining, but at the same time so ridiculous. The premise was well explained but completely unbelievable, no society would have allowed a school to continue making a list of the hottest girls in 11th grade for 30 years. That just isn’t plausible.

I absolutely loved all the Latin references throughout the book and how that added to the mystery of what was going on. Kenzie had to use her knowledge of the language to outsmart those out to get her and the other girls on the list.

The ending of this one was a little abrupt, but fit with the pace of the book as a whole. I also liked that the book ended somewhat openly about what Kenzie and her team were going to do moving forward.

Overall, this was an enjoyable quick read. Was it brilliant no, but it was not horrible either. I mostly had an issue with the lack of “real” characters and the plausibility of the plot.

✶ ✶ ✶ and 1/2 stars

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